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I want to Serve!

Our Saviors strives to create an environment where people can connect with God and continually be transformed by His grace.  We want you to feel like YOU BELONG HERE!  All areas of serving are vitally important, from musicians, teachers, ushers, greeters, gardeners, lectors, communion servers, cleaners, food preparers, fundraiser help, special events, committee members or day care volunteers and more.  This is a working church, and we like you to be as involved as you care to be.

Saturday or Sunday Services
Every week we need volunteers for greeters, ushers, lectors, communion servers, coffee attendants, youth teachers, classic choir, praise band, and during special occaisions bell choir.
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Our Columbarium

During the week

During the week gardeners are our premium volunteers who mow, weed and tend gardens, care for columbarium.  Also you will find those who change our signs, clean the church, change banners and care for altar area, pick up altar flowers, help with child care meals, and many other chores.  We appreciate all who give of their time for God's glory

Plant Care
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