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Local Area

Local Area Organizations which we assist

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The Lamb House

Once a month Our Saviors is responsible to provide workers at the Lamb House thrift store.  The ladies that volunteer have a great time working together.  When their pantry runs low and requests are made for food, we collect and deliver items.


Medical Missions for Christ

We have volunteers who have given their time to assist for this mission.  An Eagle Scout from our congregation created a project to assist this organization globally and members assisted him with a Thrivent Action Team!


Habitat for Humanity

Volunteers support this organization as board members and work in the 

Restore.  They meet monthly in our church.

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NA, AA, and the American Legion hold their meetings in our church building

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Lake Area Helping Hands

The homeless shelter was created with the assistance of our pastor's wife and a grant.  We help support financially, also with food and painting assistance and a member on the board.


Citizens Against

Domestic Violence

We work closely with this organization by providing food, meals, and other financial assistance.

This organization is one that we help financially when we are able.  Kids' Harbor will be assisting with the workshops for parents.  They are an invaluable resource for OS Lighthouse.

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