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Clergy and staff

Pastor Dan and Mick Friberg

At Our Savior's we have a saying about things that happen, and some would call them a coincidence; 

but here we say "It's a God thing."  That's what we say about Pastor Dan and Mick who suddenly appeared at our Sunday service.  Shortly thereafter, he began to "fill in" every Sunday.  He had been at Messiah Lutheran in Springfield before retiring.  They were very open to working with us until we had exhausted all avenues, but our council quickly decided to hire Pastor Dan as our minister.  Mick began teaching our youth, and they both seemed to fit like the perfect glove.  We are happy to have them as a part of our church and community, and appreciate how they "pitch right in" to get things done!  Pastor Dan has a good sense of humor and is a great facilitator!


Our Church Secretary

Ellen Moynihan is the glue that holds the church workings together!  If you ever want to know something, we always say, "Ask Ellen,"  because if she doesn't know, she can direct you to who does.  Ellen has been a member of our church for many years, and she's a Lutheran through and through.  She is usually available to help with most of our events. She often works as a "volunteer" just like the rest of the congregation!

We know she often "bites her tongue" when she would really like to express her feelings.  She has been working for Our Saviors for almost seven years, but before that she helped in the office as a volunteer.  We appreciate all she does for the church and the members.

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