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At present, our ministry is for the children and parents of our area with the start up of Our Savior Lighthouse Child and Family Development Center.  The congregation also supports CADV, the LAMB House, Helping Hands, NA, the American Legion, Habitat for Humanity, Kid's Harbor and Medical Missions in various ways.

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Our Prayer List

Our congregation has a perpetual prayer list that includes our members, friends, family, home bound or military, lake area members, national needs and global needs whether it be for illness, emotional help, disasters, war, starvation, etc. This list is brought to our hearts every Sunday.  If you have a concern, please contact our office secretary by email. 




Once or twice a year we host The Lake Area Chorale group which is a wonderful mixture of vocalists and entertainers.  They perform in our church at Christmas and sometimes another event.  Please think about coming to a concert to support this group.  They have a schedule which is available at most churches .

Community service


Every September our church has a "God's Work, Our Hands" Sunday where we seek a need in the community or church where our members work to accomplish that need.  We have collected diapers to donate to various service organizations, painted for Helping Hands building, and did yard work for home-bound member.  Our Hands are willing to do lots of things for God's work.  If you have a need, please leave us a message email.  This year we have a family who needs a ramp built for the child in the family who has cystic fibosis and will need an extensive surgery very soon.  Watch for more information on our web page as we begin to form our Thrivent Action Teams.

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