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Our Savior's has a great woman who tirelessly leads our choir, choosing music, leads the praise band, and sometimes even writes the songs.  Many do not know what all she does as she does things quietly and joyfully!   Meet our choir director, Cyndy!

Praise Band.jpg

Another volunteer is Dr. Bethany, who sings with the praise band, leads the bell choir, and occasionally conducts our services. 

Ralph plays the guitar in praise band, and both Ralph and Bethany are studying for Parish Ministry Associate Program (PMA).  

The other couple in our photo is Travis and Darcy.  

Darcy's voice can often be heard as she belts out the songs often with Travis, while Travis plays guitar to accompany the group.  Travis also stepped up during Lent and played for the Wednesday night service.  

Thanks to all in this group.  We are so proud of you!

Glen & Sheila.JPG

Glenn & Sheila are almost always available to help out when help is needed.  Glenn is the property manager and handles many things that most have no idea that he does or handles without a single complaint!  He is definitely a "servant of God" as is his wife, Sheila, who is often by his side.  She is in charge of the Alter Guild which consists of getting communion ready every week and putting up the colored banners and paraments when the church season requires.  They also change the sign and the banners and care for the grounds.  You will also find Sheila helping with many other things such a cooking and organizing and even working in the office.

On the first Sunday of every month you will find our Parish Nurse, Vivian, taking our blood pressure and checking our glucose.  It is her desire to keep everyone healthy and was also instrumental in getting a defibrillator in our gathering area.  

Parish nuurse.jpg

These screenings take 

place right after the Sunday morning services.

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